Tuesday, April 13

Utilising Advancd UTM Techniques

Mrs Lim said...
I have bought your Unit Transfer Method Book last month. I was trying to use Chapter 1.4 (All Changing Quanties) to solve the below question from my girl's P6 test paper but somehow just could not solve the question. Question: Jane had $108 more than Peggy at first. Jane used 2/9 of her money while Peggy used 2/5 of her money. After that, Jane had $340 more than Peggy. How many did Jane have at first?
From the Desk of Sunny Tan........

Problems that involve “more than/less than” generally utilize Advanced UTM technique. This problem cannot be solved using “All changing quantities” – questions in “All changing” does not involve “more than/ less than”.
Advance technique involves modification of the basic UTM as follows:

I would advise to teach the child the basic UTM technique and ensure the child is proficient in applying the fundamental UTM framework before to expose them to the advanced UTM. Without the basic training in the UTM framework, the child will faces challenges in visualizing the above conversion and may end up confusing the child.

Below depicts an alternate method to the above problem using the stack model approach :


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