Tuesday, September 13

Parents’ Seminar: Cracking the code to PSLE Maths and Science

Many primary school students struggle with Maths and Science despite attending tuition classes and spending many hours practicing tons of worksheets. Help your child to achieve breakthroughs in PSLE Maths and Science with the Heuristics approach.

In this Parents’ workshop organized by Home Team NS, the author of Mastering Heuristics Series, Mr Sunny Tan and Mr Cedric Chai will share with parents:

▪ the missing link that keeps your child underperforming.
• the latest trend in PSLE Maths and Science questions
• how Unit Transfer Method (UTM) took a CHIJ girl from 52% to 99% within 20 weeks
• how to apply heuristics approach in recent PSLE maths and top school maths exam questions
• common misconceptions on preparing for PSLE exams
• how thinking frameworks help with exam performance

For Parents
Date: 22 Oct 2011(Sat)
Time: 10am-1pm
Venue: HomeTeamNS@Bukit Batok Cell Room (Level 2)
Fees: Member ($3) / Guest ($5)
For registration, please contact Jianhong at 6665-4608 or e-mail jianhong@hometeamns.sg