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Ning and Zongwei - Dr Lua

Hi Sunny,

Please find attached the P6 PSLE Maths question which contains an answer using alegbraic method. How to solve using Heuristic Model?

Ning and Zongwei jogged to and fro repeatedly along a straight path in a park between 2 points, A and B. Ning jogged at a uniform speed of 4m/s and Zongwei jogged at a uniform speed of 6 m/s. They started jogging from opposite directions at the same time as shown below.

They first met on another at point X. The sec
ond time they met was at point Y.
a) Given that the distance between X and Y is 160 m, find the distance between A and B.
b) If they started jogging at 8 am, how long did they take to meet again for the
third time? (Express your answers in min and seconds)

Question posted by Dr E.K. Lua, Parent
Tues, 23rd Sept 2008

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