Wednesday, May 12

Maths Heuristics featured in Absolutely Parents PSLE Guide 2010

Alternate Approach in solving Challenging Mathematical Problems

Unit Transfer Method offers a simple, logical and yet systematic way for understanding and solving higher-order thinking questions.

Solving mathematical questions using the heuristic of model method requires students to conceptualize a visual model in their mind before translating it onto their worksheet. However, interestingly, not all students are apt in this skill of visualizing. For many such students, UTM appeals more since it uses the prevalent knowledge of ratio and tabulation in analyzing problems. More importantly, complementing UTM with model method, allows students to solve questions in nearly all topics ranging from whole number, fraction, decimal, percentage up to ratio. ... Click Here to continue reading

Friday, May 7

UTM Question on Repeated Identity

Dear Mr Sunny Tan

I have bought your UTM handbk but unable to solve this question. Hope you will help. 

Andy, Betty, Candy and Danny each has some money. The amount of money Andy has is 1/3 of the total amount of money Betty, Candy and Danny have. The amount of money Betty has is 1/4 of the total amount of money Andy, Candy and Danny have. The amount of money Candy has is 1/5 of the total amount of money Andy, Betty and Danny have. If Danny has $1725, how much do they have altogether?

Mr Teo
From the Desk of Sunny Tan........ 

Tuesday, May 4

Pei Hwa Pri/ P6 / 2009 SA1

Alan, Ben, Calvin and Dean shared some postcards. Alan received 20% of the postcards. Ben received 16 fewer postcards than Alan. Calvin received twice as many postcards as Ben. Dean got the remaining 144 postcards.

(a) find the total number of postcards shared by Alan, Ben, Calvin and Dean
(b) how many per cent more postcards than Alan did Dean receive?