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PSLE Higher Order Thinking Skills (for high achievers)

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PSLE Maths Explained!

Friday, July 16

Heuristics of the Week

Every week, we will post a Maths question with step-by-step easy to follow animation, guiding you and your child through the problem-solving process using heuristics approach. You are welcome to contribute questions to the blog by emailing us at We will post the answers on this blog as soon as time permits.

Featured heuristics: Stack Model

Thursday, July 15

Conventional Model vs Stack Model, Excerpt from Model Approach to Problem Solving

Conventional Model


Stack Model

Excerpt from Unit Transfer Method In Solving Challenging Upper Primary Maths Problems

(Before and After concept: Single unchanged quantities)

Coming Soon....
Readers of the UTM book will soon be able to access to our exclusive easy to follow step-by-step interactive flash explanation online.

Saturday, July 10

UTM- Before and After Concept

Dear Mr Sunny Tan,

May I enquire if unit transfer method can be applied to solve the following problem. If yes, please show me.
Tan X, Y and Z each contained some water. Tank X contains 3 times as much water as Tank Y. After 15% of the water in Tank X and 15% of Tank Y was poured in Tank Z, Tank Z had 30% more than before. If Tank Z had 104 litres of water, how many litres of water had Tank X at first ?

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Danielle Teo
(your student)

From the Desk of Sunny Tan........  

Tuesday, July 6

Case1 - Case 2 (work backwards)