About Author and Principle Trainer

Sunny Tan is the principle trainer and author of the Mastering Heuristics Series. He trains students in various heuristics concepts and applications, with special focus on pupils in their critical year (PSLE). He also conducts heuristics workshops for parents and educators.

NIE-trained Sunny taught primary and secondary Maths, in various streams, for more than 10 years in the 90s. During that time, he observed how today’s transformed primary Maths syllabus stumped children, parents and, sometimes, even teachers. How do you teach young children to accurately choose and sequentially apply different situational logic in solving non-routine problems? Sunny resolved to simplify the learning and application of such (Maths heuristics). Through years of research and development, Sunny eventually established the mathsHeuristics™ programme. Results-oriented research has since proven the consistent effectiveness of the mathsHeuristics™ programme.