Tuesday, March 16

The Maths Challenge to Parent - UTM book Q5 Pg 20

Hi Sunny

My daughter was trying out the Q5 on page 20 of your UTM book. I have download the answers and explanation, but I don't seem to understand what the "40" in the boxes that you have placed in the diagram. How did you derive the "40"?

Question: Three sisters, Angie, Bernice and Candice share some sweets. Angie's share is 40% of the total number of sweets the three sisters have. Bernice has 40 sweets more than Angie. Bernice's share is 4 times Candice’s. How much money did each of them have?


From the Desk of Sunny Tan........
The explanation in the book use conventional model. I will illustrate visualizing the model in another perspective - stack model:


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