Wednesday, February 24

Mastering Heuristics Series II

Releasing Soon

Model Approach to Problem-solving
Highly-visual, helps your child to see Maths – literally!

The ability to visualise a problem goes a long way to solving it. The Model Approach to Problem-solving was borne out of this fact. Use drawings (models) in visualising a problem. Go beyond conventional models and solve challenging problems fast with highly-efficient techniques like Stack Model and Split Model.

by Sunny Tan
Releasing in June…


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

1. What is the difference between UTM and Model?

2. You mention visual technique, what is it about and how it helps a child to visualise model?

3. What is teh difference between conventional model and Stack and Split model? Can you illustrate with an example?

4. When will be the book available?


Sunny Tan said...

Hi Terence,

Though UTM is a powerful technique, there are some questions that will still be easier to solve by model. Problems involving "more than/less than', remaining are some examples.

I had post an example to illustrate my point. Try using UTM to solve, you will realise it is not easy.

The book will be released in the second quarter of this year.

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