Thursday, February 25

Stack Model in action

Conventional Model

Stack Model


Anonymous said...

I did this by listing out all the actions and finding out the rsultant. I got 160, but the stacking is cool.

Anonymous said...

Is stack model taught in school? It is "neater" way to present the solution as compared to the conventional model.

I see from my child working that he tried to cut the model smaller and smaller. In the end, it get so untidy and confusing!

Concern Parent

Sunny Tan said...


I am not sure if the stack model is taught in school. So far, I have observed that conventional model is commonly used in most schools.

There are basically three different form of model: Conventional, stack and split model.
The most common question asked by most parents is "Which model is most effective?"

It all depends on the nature and type of problems. For a child to be able to identify which model to apply in different questions requires specialised training in visual processing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

I had attended one of your workshop in UTM. Really interesting, my child had attended your holiday UTM workshop and I have been guiding him with his work.

Is there any workshop for parents to learn model drawing?Do drop me a email once the book is released.

Calvin Sim

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