Monday, October 19

Maths Question

Dear Sunny,

Ms Tan gave some sweets to 6 boys and 11 girls. Each child was given the same number
of sweets. Each boy then gave 2/3 of his share of sweets to the girls. As a result, each
girl now received 12 more sweets than before.
a) How many sweets did each boy left?
b) Find the total number of sweets each girl had in the end.

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Anonymous said...

But...why is 4u=to 11 times 12?Why?

Posted by the person who asked the question!!!!

Sunny Tan said...

Refer to the sentence: "As a result, each girl now received 12 more sweets than before"

There are 11 girls, totla sweets received is 11x12=132.

Anonymous said...

With the introduction of calculators in primary maths,will Guess and Check become a thing of the past?How can students become proficient in Model Drawing?

Sunny Tan said...

The heuristic “use guess-and-check”, involves making an initial guess,
checking and verifing the guess, and to make a next guess.

The choice of the initial guess and next guess is usually the key challenge for “use guess-and-check”, while the checking phase is usually predetermined by the problem.

Unless MOE has stipulated in the curriculum to eliminate Guess and check as one of the heuristics, nobody can be certain whether Guess and Check problems will be tested in the PSLE. As educators, we should be "predict" the PSLE questions but instead focusing on training our pupils the framework of the Guess and Check technique and being able to extend this framework to unfamiliar or more complex problems.

In fact, by combining guess and check, with systematic listing and pattern, the problem can be solved by maximum of 3 guess.

The main reason why children or even adults faces challenges in model drawing is because they are weak in their visual processing ability – the ability of the brain to form shortmovie clips and “see” movements mentally. This can be overcome by utilizing visual processing technique to minimize movement.

I will be discussing the above in details in my upcoming seminar at Singapore Management University on 22nd Nov 09. Do refer to for more details.

Anonymous said...

In the psle maths 2009, there is one angle question that I do not understand. It's about the square and triangle. Help!

Sunny Tan said...

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