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UTM book, chapter 1.1, question 7 - Mdm Chong

With reference to the UTM book, chapter 1.1, question 7:

A concert hall has 600 seats. 10% of the seats are VIP seats while the rest are normal seats. How many VIP seats must be added so that the number of VIP seats will increase to 20%?

Please advise what is wrong with the following reasoning:

Question posted by Mdm Chong M.K, UTM Book reader
Fri, 6th Feb 2009

From the desk of Sunny Tan ... ...

Confusion Alert:
The 540 normal seats in the Before and After scenario remains unchanged. However, the percentage of the normal seats changes from 90% in the Before to 80% in the After scenario.
It is important to highlight to the students that percentage is relative to the total sum.
The number of the quantity being unchanged does not imply that the percentage of quantity being unchanged.
Therefore, in the Unit Transfer Method, students are encouraged to convert fraction, decimal, ratio, whole number, and percentage into units as follow:


Anonymous said...

I try using algebraic equation to solve it, get really complicated! Mine answer in different but your is correct actually.

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