Thursday, February 26

Questions for UTM readers to attempt?

Posted to all UTM publication readers,

Any UTM readers keen to to attempt the following?
Do post your answers in this blog for discussion.

Q1) Chapter 6: Proportion Concept
Q2) Chapter 5: Two Variable Concept
Q3) Chapter 3: Repeated Identity
Q4) Chapter 1.4: Before & After (All changing quantities)

Hi Mr Sunny

Could UTM be used for the following problems?

1) A group of 24 children sold some tickets for a charity show. Each ticket was sold at $5. Each boy sold 5 tickets and each girl sold 3 tickets. The boys collected $40 more than the girls.(a) How many girls were there in the group?(b) How many tickets were sold altogether?

2) There are 85 plates of fried rice for 80 people. Each adult eats 2 plates of fried rice and every three children share 1 plate of fried rice. How many adults and children are there?

3) Four girls, A, B, C and D, each have some stamps. The number of stamps A has is 1/2 of the total number of stamps B, C and D have. The number of B has is 1/3 of the total number of A, C and D have. The number of stamps C has is 1/4 of the total number of stamps A, B and D have. If D has 78 stamps, find the total number of stamps A & B have altogether.

4) At first, Jane had 2/3 as many stamps as Kelly. After Jane bought another 20 stamps and Kelly lost 29 stamps, Jane now has 4/5 as many stamps as Kelly. Find the number of stamps Kelly had at first.

Best Wishes

PSLE Parents


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,
UTM seems to be very interesting method. Can I buy the book in popular?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny

At $37.50, your book is very expensive as compared to those guide/assessment books in Popular bookstore.

Why is your book price so much higher?

Frugal Mummy

Sunny Tan said...


This UTM publication is not an normal assessment book or typical student guide book. While most books in the market provide only answers, or at most solutions, This UTM book shows parents the concepts in action (how quick and efficient the method is when mastered), … and then guides them through each step of the application, through step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. As such parents can quickly grasp the concepts without having to second-guess what the author is trying to convey

The objective of this publication aims to complement our mathsHeuristics Programme so our parents know what their kids are learning in the programme and can further guide their kids in their home practices / homework.

However, after gathering many positive feedbacks and requests from the public, we decided to distribute the books to interested readers and parents. Maths Heuristics is the sole distributor for these publications; as such parents can only purchase them directly from the company. This book is also comprehensive enough to be standalone for parents who have more time on their hands to teach their kids.

Anonymous said...

Quite true, I cannot managed to find any good books for solving difficult maths problems. Beside cost consideration, the most important is the content of the book.
I read from your website you conduct workshop for UTM and was surprised that this book costs only a fraction of course fee. I had just bought the book from your centre. Hopefully will be able to finish reading by this month.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny

What are the types of PSLE Maths questions that cannot be solved by UTM?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Sunny,

Congratulations for your Unit Transfer Method publication. My wife and I had attended your Parents' Seminar last year. We are indeed impressed with the simplicity and the effectiveness of the UTM in solving challenging problems.

Before that, we had attended a few other maths seminars. We were initially skeptical by your claim... that guess and check can be done within 3 steps, the visual techniques in model drawing.

After your enlightening seminar, we have indeed learned a lot from your expertise.

Though our child is only in P2, we have the "whole" picture of MOE maths curriculum and able to guide our son effectively.

By the way, we had bought ya copy of your UTM book. I am sure many parents will benefits greatly from your publication.


Mr.and Mrs Kevin Sim

Sunny Tan said...

Hi PSLE Kid,

If you have read the UTM publication, you will realise that UTM is a problem solving framework which helps a child to analyse, synthesis and evaluate challenging problem. UTM is very effective in solving problems involving Whole number, decimal, fraction, ratio, percentage, rate and speed.

As PSLE is getting more challenging each year, many questions required a combination of heuristics.Therefore, UTM can be combine with other heuristics to solve these problems, depending on the creativity of the problem solver.

As such, it is difficult to answer your question "Which topics UTM cannot solve?", similar to the question: "Which topics cannot be solve by algebraic method?"

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