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ACS - 2008 Prelim Paper Qns

Hi Sunny,

My son tried but could not solve the problem using the UTM. This question is familiar. Can you help and explain to him and at the same time forward me with the solution, please?

Q5: Adeline's monthly salary is $350 more than Bernice. Their monthly spending is the same and each of them spends $800 per month. After some time, Adeline has saved $1950 but Bernice has saved only $900.

(a) How long does each of them take to save the given amount of money?
(b) What is Adeline's monthly salary?


Mrs Tan

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sir

Could we use UTM to solve these problems?

1) In a Maths quiz, each pupil had to answer 20 questions. 5 points were given for each correct answer and 2 points were taken away from each wrong answer. Mirabel answered all questions and scored 79 points. How many questions did she answer correctly?

2) Lincoln visited a farm where he saw some cows and ducks. There were 75 of them. He then counted the legs of the animals and found that there were 220. How many animals of each type were there in the farm?

3) At a birthday party, Mr Chew had a bag of sweets. If each child receives 5 sweets, he is left with 6 sweets. If each child receives 7 sweets, he would be short of 4 sweets.
a) How many children are there at the party?
b) How many sweets did Mr Chew give to each child if he is left with only 1 sweet?

PSLE 2009

Sunny Tan said...

Hi PSLE 2009,

When solving a problem, we should ask : "What is the most efficient and effective approach?"

Qns 1) With Systematic Listing + Pattern, this problem can be solve in 3 steps.

Qns 2) With Systematic Listing + Pattern, this problem can be solve in 3 steps.

Qns 3) Unit Transfer Method. This concept is covered in Chapter 2: Excess and Shortage Concept in the publication

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